Welcome to New Frontiers

Dear Readers,
It gives us great pleasure to send you the inaugural edition of our bi-monthly ITDC newsletter, Frontiers. With key destinations being considered and developed, we feel now is the time to begin sharing our exciting news with you.
In this first edition we have worked towards striking an editorial balance with not just tourism development and company updates but identifying topics about the vibrant and changing model of tourism in our country.
With that said, Frontiers is not just about us. We will report on tourism subjects of the moment to provide our community of partners and friends a platform that addresses such areas as sustainability as well as health and safety and why responsible tourism is the only real future of tourism.
Furthermore, understanding the natural world around us needs to also be part of the discussion and that includes the safety and wellbeing of international travellers. Given the spate of earthquakes in Lombok and the horrific calamity in Palu, our focus will not just be about unveiling idyllic destinations but of the collective belief that safety and security are at the heart of hospitality.
We are also happy to announce that this auspicious year marks the 45th anniversary of Nusa Dua and what better way to celebrate than with the thousands of international delegates who attended the highly successful IMF-WB conference.
In 2019 and beyond, we look forward keeping you apprised of new travel and tourism projects from around the country, from Lake Toba to Morotai, from Mandalika to Mt. Bromo, the destinations are many.
Warm wishes,
ITDC President Director
Abdulbar Mansoer
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  • 03 Januari 2019|