A Day Out in Nusa Dua

In this edition of Frontiers be sure to read our Day Tripping Nusa round up, a selection of activities to look for in Bali’s most desired resort complex.
No surprise the destination today is increasingly popular for those who may not be guests at one of the many top resorts in our integrated enclave, but who simply wish to enjoy the many pursuits on offer, from extravagant brunches, to relaxing seaside picnics to adrenaline activities.
Today we are witnessing that tourists staying outside Nusa Dua are not alone in their love for Nusa Dua day excursions. Local residents and expatriates are also increasingly taking pleasure in passing through our gates. Families especially enjoy the safe environment and those looking for a workout value the clean ocean for a swim and the wide boulevards for a cycle or run.
We also recognize that it’s our continuous duty to keep the Nusa Dua complex tidy and well managed with recycling bins and dedicated visitor parking to ensure your experience is easeful and relaxing now and into the future.
And as our sister destination in Mandalika, Lombok, takes strides towards its rollout as a top tourism destination, you’ll want to drop into Nusa Dua to take in a number of planned events that promote MotoGP 2021 and the destination itself.    
Selamat Jalan
ITDC President Director
Abdulbar Mansoer
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  • 01 September 2019|