Mandalika Part of Blue Economy

We at ITDC are most pleased to be considered by our government as a Blue Economy initiative, which Indonesia is eagerly developing in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, supported by technology, tourism and energy innovations.
The topic is on the lips of many government officials worldwide these days. At the recent “Our Ocean” 2019 Conference in Norway, US Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment Keith Krach, announced 23 new commitments valued at 1.21 billion USD to promote sustainable fisheries; combat marine debris; and support marine science, observation, and exploration.
The primary focus of Our Ocean conferences is for invitees to announce significant, new voluntary actions to ensure protection of the ocean, responsible management of marine resources, and sustainable future economic growth. Commitments should be measurable and have a clear timeframe.
This year was the sixth in a series of high-level, by-invitation conferences launched by the United States in 2014 for government and private sector stakeholders from around the world to identify solutions to improve ocean productivity, prosperity, and security. Indonesia was host last year and will be hosted by Palau in 2020 and Panama in 2021.
While in Oslo, Under Secretary Krach highlighted that the United States remains ready and committed to working with partners from all countries and sectors to support a healthy and productive ocean and a sustainable blue economy. He also stressed the importance of public-private partnerships to create innovative solutions for the challenges facing the ocean and global economic security.
Indonesia's Blue Economy is in sync with key sustainable development goals, namely affordable and clean energy as well as industry, innovation and infrastructure, and life below water. It also complies with the national development agenda in strengthening the coastal economy, improving human capital and promoting economic independence.
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ITDC President Director
Abdulbar Mansoer
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