MotoGP and The Seventh Element

ITDC continues to generate exciting news but let’s start with what is perhaps THE story of the year - MotoGP is coming to Lombok in 2021 and will be the first street race style in the MotoGP calendar.
What’s so heartening about this announcement is that nowhere else in the country will benefit more than the people of Lombok, who have faced enormous challenges and hardship with the string of recent natural calamities.
Such promising news simply provides the island with a much-needed boost to its tourism, not to mention being a source of national pride. MotoGP has a live audience of some 300 million households, and a total number of followers estimated at around 1.2 billion people, who will soon enough be introduced to Lombok and Mandalika. For more on this fabulous news look at our Mandalika feature in this edition of Frontiers.
So what is the mysterious seventh element? The answer is Créa, Nusa Dua’s co-sharing office and the seventh element after accommodation, shopping, golf, theatre, hospital and convention centre. Opening in November, the Créa will provide year-round co-sharing office space, a vortex for creative people, entrepreneurs, media and others needing an inspiring milieu in which to conduct their work.
With an ongoing calendar of events in and around Nusa Dua such as APEC, Asean Summit, Miss World Pageant and more, the space is designed to be that last and much needed feature in one of Asia’s most prized destinations.   
For more info on Créa, see our Nusa Dua feature in this edition of Frontiers. And allow me to do some marketing: for those interested in this co-working space, go to:
Selamat Jalan
ITDC President Director
Abdulbar Mansoer
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  • 19 November 2018|