Piasan Restaurant favours a slightly more up-market design but still maintains the Kayumanis flair for style and visual appeal. The main dining area is an enclosed environment of clear glass to create a sense of spaciousness that belies its actual size. Individual rods of polished bamboo appear to line the ceiling making for an interesting blend of modern and traditional elements. Outdoor dining accommodates only a couple of intimate table settings against a waterway backdrop and a giant fire urn that is lit after dark.

Once again Executive Chef, Astawa has managed to show his level of culinary expertise with a menu that truly celebrates the tastes of Italy. Away from the kitchen, Astawa is a humble Balinese man, but it is his obvious passion for good food that saw him quickly rise through the ranks with previous employer Aman Resorts. Clean flavors are an indication of Astawa’s obsession for market fresh produce.

Piasan Restaurant has moved away from the typical concept of a la carte dining and has instead implemented a series of set menus. Dishes tend to vary depending on what choice products happen to be available on any given day.

At Piasan Restaurant, Kayumanis has set to capture the ritual of typical Italian home dining which is a delicious feast of well prepared food and social interaction.
Each set menu includes an appetizer or soup and main meal in decent sized portions that still leave diners with enough appetite to sample desert and of course an Italian style espresso.

A fully stocked bar of cocktails, spirits and selection of fine international wines are also available.

Open for lunch and dinner, Piasan Restaurant at Kayumanis is set to add a touch of contemporary class to the dining options that already exist within the exclusive Nusa Dua enclave. Reservations are recommended.

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Kayuputi Restaurant

inspired by the balinese wisdom “nyegara gunung” from the mountain to the ocean, kayuputi showcases pan-asian haute cuisine featuring the finest ingredients from the land and the ocean. the culinary creations are complemented by the seventh consecutive year award-winning wine list from prestigious wine spectator award.

in a sublime setting of white wood or kayuputi in indonesian, the restaurant reflects in all white wood décor accented by exemplary indonesian artefacts whilst the show kitchen welcomes you to witness our talented chef brigade crafting the gastronomic indulgence against the backdrop of the majestic indian ocean.

its décor offers a perfectly modern, elegant backdrop for the tranquil ocean view. al fresco seating comes with a soft ocean breeze and an unobstructed view. guests may reserve private cabanas for dining, or opt to settle into a soft white cushion inside the high-ceiling restaurant where the two-storey wine cellar and open kitchen add to the ambience. the resort’s sommelier is pleased to consult with guests on wine selections.

within the restaurant, an intimate bar area beckons with a sofa deck and day beds, offering the perfect spot for the transition from day to evening cocktails before dinner. after dinner, enjoy the option of fine cigars from an elegant humidor.

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Kopi Petani

kopi petani is a contemporary, open-air coffee lounge by the beach with a little bamboo hut and seating for 20 people. kopi petani offers a choice of teas and desserts along with freshly brewed coffee using coffee beans handpicked by local farmers in kintamani, bali.

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MoMo Cafe

our inviting on-site restaurant features convenient all-day dining, so you can enjoy a meal whenever you'd like one while in bali. start your day with our hearty breakfast buffet, or dine al fresco in the afternoon or evening after a busy day in nusa dua.

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Garden Cafe

located in the center of the hotel grand hyatt bali, adjacent to the lobby, garden café serves an array of classic dishes from asia to europe. surrounded by cascading waterfalls and lagoons, garden café exudes the look and feel of a resplendent restaurant.

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Arwana Restaurant

open daily for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner and widely regarded as one of the best beachfront seafood restaurants in bali, let alone nusa dua, arwana restaurant specializes in a wide range of expertly prepared, delicious fish and seafood dishes, sourced fresh at the local fish market every morning.

with impeccable service and a superb range of wines and cocktails, this classically styled nusa dua restaurant has a choice of alfresco and outdoor seating options. the rustic, airy air-conditioned inside is in tune with its tropical surroundings, while the terrace offers a superb dining experience with a gentle sea breeze and the indian ocean playing its soft melody in the background.

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in the balinese dialect the term ‘tetaring’ refers to a temporary roof structure made from bamboo and woven palm fronds erected within the home of temple compound during the lead up to an important ceremony. the local community gathers under the tetaring as a form of shade to prepare the numerous offerings that will be required for the ritual.

the design of tetaring restaurant borrows from the social connotations its balinese definition to provide a stunning contemporary styled dining environment with plenty of visual appeal. combining indigenous material such as glass and bamboo, the restaurant has traditional intent with a modern twist.  with a seating capacity for 28 guests, tetaring by day is bathed in natural sunlight and comes to life after dark with subtle placements of glowing fixtures. exposing the elements of open style balinese living, the dining room set-up is completed by frosted glass tables and chic designer chairs that massage and caress the body.

the cuisine at tetaring is indonesia using traditional ingredients and market fresh produce. executive chef, astawa brings the experience with him from the kitchens of aman resorts. he shows an extraordinary level of culinary expertise for a balinese and he insists on making his own sauces for each dish entirely from scratch.

apart from its standard fare, tetaring features a special taster menu of dishes that change daily to highlight flavors and kitchen innovative. all meals are accompanied by a fully stocked bar of preferred beverages and a selection of fine international wines. there are future plans to include a cuban cigar bar and pre-dinner lounge.

open for all day dining, afternoon tea and cocktails, tetaring restaurant at kayumanis is set to add a touch of spice to the dining options that already exist within the exclusive nusa dua enclave. reservations for dinner are recommended.

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Tamarind Kitchen & Lounge

tamarind is a soaring restaurant located on the beachfront. built entirely of bamboo, over two levels, the kitchen and lounge is an all day attraction on nusa dua beach. by day, a casual menu offers a diverse selection of bistro favourites and contemporary asian dishes. with a range of refreshing juices, cocktails, wine and beer, tamarind is an impressive bar and restaurant that has become destination dining based on fresh, local produce, which our chefs transform daily into sparkling, fresh dishes based on local flavours with an international twist.

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Nikki Beach Bali

nikki beach bali is a multifaceted, picture-perfect beachfront venue with stunning panoramic views of the indian ocean. adorned in plush, all-white sun beds guests are able to spend their days and evenings indulging in refreshing cocktails, endless champagne and an extensive menu of delectable dishes representative of all the countries nikki beach is located and popular balinese cuisine. the beach club & restaurant has a pool with underwater speakers and 2,500 fiber optic lights that sparkle as the sun sets, indoor & outdoor dining options, opium beds and multiple bars including a swim-up cocktail bar.

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The Bay Bali

the bay bali is a casual restaurant complex or neighborhood that has a view and direct access to the beach of nusa dua. we serve a delightful culinary experience with wide choices of food ranging from traditional balinese, asian, western, to fusion. our tenants are:

1. bebek bengil (famous balinese traditional crispy duck

2. the pirates bay bali (family culinary venue with very thematic pirate ambience)

3. hong xing (authentic asian cuisine)

4. surf & turf (waterpark meets beach club, with first flow rider in bali)

5. agendaz beach club (a very unique and spacious beachfront beach club

6. ocean star (all you can eat steamboat specialty)

the bay bali is very suitable for a family vacation, honeymoon, and is also available for any functions or events such as gala dinner, birthdays, weddings, etc.

parking space

free wifi

free access to the beach

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The Nusa Dua

Opening Hours




+62361 770 777



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