ITDC’s long journey for more than 40 years building its reputation encourages the Company to always maintain and uphold the integrity values and good corporate governance (“GCG”) principles as the main foundation in every business activity. Governance practices in accordance with policies, laws and regulations are inherent in attitude, behavior, perspective, and work method of every ITDC employee which are reflected in the organizational culture that consists of; customer focus, teamwork, innovation and communication.

The Company is committed to implementing GCG and continuously strives to improve its quality over time. GCG implementation is expected to prevent the practices of corruption, collusion and nepotism (KKN), as well as to improve supervisory function in managing the Company. The Company believes that consistent GCG implementation will have an impact on improved performance, competitive advantage, good corporate image and sustainable growth that add values for shareholders and stakeholders

GCG Guidelines Download here
Ethical Guidelines Download here
Gratuity Guidelines Download here
Internal Audit Charter Download here
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Whistle Blowing Guidelines Download here
Mandalika Urban and Tourism Infrastructure Project (MUTIP) Download here